Hi All

Just a brief bit about me and my SOTA (Summits On The Air) activities

Well I’m a resident of Sydney, NSW working in Health for the last 10 years. Previous to that I was a Captain of Montague Fire Department in California, spending 7 years in that wonderful part of the world. Before there I graced Auckland, New Zealand with my presence for many years after arriving from Australia.

My amateur radio interest started before I moved to New Zealand but was only able to get enough momentum to obtain my licence around 1991 as ZL1TSC. After moving to the USA I passed my General licence and had the call sign KG6CSM.

Since moving back to Sydney in 2005, I obtained my present call sign of VK2JDL. Many years drifting and fooling around on digital modes (mainly packet BBS’s, thank Gerard VK2IO).

In 2014 whilst laid up with burns to both my feet, I discovered SOTA in the WIA’s Amateur Radio magazine, checking out the SOTA websites I decided to give it a go. After an abortive attempt of PSK on Mt Tomah, where I only contacted 1 chaser before nearly being blown off the mountain in an electrical storm, I returned a week later and gave voice a go. From that point on I was hooked.

13 months on and I’m ½ way to my goal of becoming a Mountain Goat, as well as ½ to being a Sloth. I manly activate during the week, as my roster permits, and spend my weekends with my wife. SOTA is my form of exercise and I have noticed a huge improvement in my fitness. Radio from home is very limited as the Strata Title forbids outside aerials and my wife absolutely hates the thought of any sort of aerial. So I use an Alex Loop standing in the front driveway (a hard way to make contacts outside of Summit to Summits)

I’ve had the pleasure of talking to a great bunch of people, who have made my efforts worthwhile and helped me improve myself. Look forward to contacting you from a peak soon


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